The Blue Wood Forests mysteries are known across the land,
And deep inside the woods, a Forbidden tree does stand.
But bright atop the branches, a magic flower shines bright,
The golden petals reflect the moon and light up the cold night.
Greater than a medicine, a spell or any cure,
The flower power lives and breathes, of this I can be sure.
And years before I tell you this, a girl was lost in there,
She tried to find the flower just to give her father care.
And never seen again young Dinah was not last to be lost,
Beware the Blue Forest and the Forbidden Tree’s true cost.

After working on commission children’s books for the last five years, I’ve written my own piece.

THE FORBIDDEN TREE is a tale about bravery, the environment and love. The story is about a girl who enters a mysterious world that follows in the stylistic footsteps of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Along the way she is taught lessons about fear through the characters she meets. She ultimately finds herself and saves the integrity of the forest.

The demographic is between 7-11…and anyone who likes unravelling adventures.

My protagonist is a girl that I believe defies gender stereotypes in subtle ways. The supporting characters are all designed to reflect parts of her and hopefully the reader.

I hope to inspire children to know to not judge something by the way it looks, to find the truth in fear and to respect and love the earth we live on. 

Manuscript and additional illustrations, by special request only. 

Illustrations are copyright © Anita Lester, 2016 

I'm currently taking offers from publishers.