As an illustrator of children's books, it's important to be able to have a diverse and open stylistic range. Every story has it's own energy and requirements, and every author I have worked with has their own vision. I love the process of building worlds and adventures! 

Below are some of my favourite books from the past five years. 

2019 is a big year of releases, with at least six coming into stores!


Sally and the Magical Sneeze - Simon Taylor

August 2019

Sally is sick in bed and has nothing to do…that is until her sneezes produce some unlikely characters! Written by Australian comedian Simon Taylor, this book is a sure-fire-favourite

Published by Learning discovery books

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.10.02.png

Colours- Anita Lester


Colours follows a girl observing her surroundings in order to find inspiration for her paintings! 

Published by Encounters Publishing

Distributed by Beaglier books


The Witching Hour

An adult-aimed book about midnight delusions.

It was paired with the 2014 unreleased music project of the same name:



Lucky And Mucky - Nicole Ben Simon

Lucky and mucky is a book about the good and bad that live inside you.

The story focuses around Karma- a young girl observing the people in her life, and the decisions they make. 

One day, after noticing her bad mood, Karma meets Lucky and Mucky- the manifestations of her emotions, and for the next week notices that everyone has these two sides.


Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters

This charming tale is about a young boy who overcomes his fears of the dark at bedtime and proves to the young reader that bedtime is not scary, but rather an amazingly sweeping adventure where "Imagination is the brightest nightlight"! The 2013 Mom's Choice Awards® has recently named "Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters" among the best children's book and the coveted 2013 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Awards named "Albert" the best children's bedtime book. 


My Daddy's Got Tattoos/ My Mummy's Got Tattoos - Andy White

'My Daddy's Got Tattoos' is the children's book for the offspring of the inked. 
The story explores family relationships through a child's imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It is perfect for anybody who feels different or loves somebody who is.



Roaring, Crawling Quarrel - Anita Lester

A small zine about the individuals connection to their spirit animals. 


Melancholy Love - Anita Lester

A small zine about love in whimsical and straight-face forms